Assessments of your future business and the possible market share of your future biotech product has to be aided by evaluating epidemiology data, sales information from existing products, market trend data, market risks etc. Importantly, besides the technological and financial risks associated with your product development plans, what risks does competing drug pipelines presents to you? And how are the market expected to evolve over time: new entrants or generic substitutions for instance? We have in the table below included databases that provide access to current drug pipelines, ongoing clinical trials, in-licensing opportunities, scientific literature etc. Most of the resources are provided on commercial terms – please contact us for further information.

Other excellent resources for BD activities, although not necessarily totally objective, are Company annual reports and IPO prospects for public traded companies. In the US, the US Securities and Exchange Commission provides access to 10K´s (including non-US based Companies trading as ADR´s) & S-1 prospectus´s (submitted before the IPO). Both often include very valuable informations with respect to market & risks assessments.


FDA.govInformation´s from U.S. Food and Drug Administration includes information on Drug Approvals with Drug Safety and Availability , drug Development& Approval Process and Guidance, Compliance & Regulatory Information for conducting clinical trials with rules and regulations.
NCBIA range of free databases from The National Center for Biotechnology Information for biomedical and bioinformatics research. The services include PubMed , the bibliographic database with biomedical literature from Medline, life science journals, and online books, GenBank , the nucleotide sequence database and the PubChem databases with validated chemical structures (small molecules) that can be searched using names, synonyms or keywords, among many others.
ADIS The Australasian Drug Information Service (ADIS) provides access to three databases on commercial terms: Clinical Trials Insight maps and monitors the progress of global clinical trials with summaries of key study messages emerging from clinical studies. Pharmacovigilance Insight is a Drug Safety Surveillance database with access to the adverse drug reaction case reports, drug safety studies and regulatory news. R&D Insight is a drug pipeline database that tracks and evaluates drugs worldwide from discovery, through pre-clinical and clinical studies to launch.
BCIQ - BiocenturyDrug Pipeline, Financial and Company investigations with information’s about product pipelines by company, disease category, molecular target, MOA, developmental stage and licensing status, corporate financials, fundraising and stock summaries.
Biopharm InsightDatabase with drug discovery and drug development pipelines, approved drugs, licensing deals, pharmaceutical sales,/projections. The licensing agreement database summarizes materials from company press releases, updates, financial statements, regulatory filings.
CitelineOnline clinical trial research tools for pharma market research & development intelligence. Various databases that includes solutions to cover global clinical trials, drug development history timelines, licensing information, clinical trial timeline prediction.
EvaluateMarket forecasts and analysis of the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Diagnostic industries. Evaluate Clinical trials database solution to follow and analyse clinical trials globally.
MedtrackMEDTRACK: Database that includes informations of pharmaceutical pipelines, sales, epidemiology and patentsfor market research, market forecasting, licensing, new product planning, strategic marketing and sales.
Pharma DealsNow part of IMS Health with access to business transactions, licensing, and mergers & acquisitions activity within the pharmaceutical and biotech field for IP analysis.
IMS HealthIncludes IMS Prescription Data database with data from the U.S. retail and mail sales and prescription activity.
DatamonitorVarious publications and databases with market data on pharmaceuticals and healthcare products.
Recap DealbuilderDatabase with informations about biopharma alliances with the primary contracts and press releases for agreements.
Strategic TransactionsStrategic transactions provides informations about global M&A, financing, and alliance activity amongst medtech, pharma, biotech, and in vitro diagnostics companies. It is updated daily with deal analysis and financial terms.
Thomson ReutersThomson Reuters Databases includes access to market analysis and competitive intelligence, drug research and development, scientific drug evaluation, systems biology, and patents & IP. Includes integrity database for drug discovery and drug development activities with chemical and pharmacological information and development status of bioactive compounds in drug pipelines including informations on clinical trials of drugs currently under study or in use in humans. CORTELLIS includes global clinical trial protocols and outcomes for drugs, medical devices and biomarkers. One of the free databases – a wealth of informations with respect to active and closed clinical trials worldwide. is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world with the Web site maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. Information on is provided and updated by the sponsor or principal investigator of the clinical study.
VenturedealDatabase with information on technology startup companies, venture capital firms and company transactions. U.S. companies only.
VenturesourceWith data and research on VC-backed start-ups and investors working in IT, healthcare, cleantech, mobile, social media and other areas
VentureXpertPart of Thomson ONE - Click on Private Equity tab in Thomson ONE to access VentureXpert.VentureXpert covers venture, buyouts, funds, private equity,firms, executives, portfolio companies and limited partners for tools to raise capital, invest capital, and exit from investments.
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