To cut costs, biotech business models often includes a virtual/semi-virtual R&D setting with limited investments in fixed assets and outsourcing of all/selected R&D activities. However, besides cost-cutting arguments, outsourcing of R&D activities can provide you with access to state of the art expertise and industry know-how for both technological development plans and economic cost estimates. Some of the most important aspect of R&D outsourcing is to define what activities to outsource and to whom, the cost/cost-structure, the anticipated transaction costs (cost/time of managing the deal) and how you can track the performance? There is of course no standard answers to these questions – in our opinion, the most successful aspects of R&D outsourcing relates to initial outsourcing of activities you are well familiar with – this will make it possible for you to track and do performance evaluation on relatively simple terms.

Any professional CRO should be able to guide you with practical details necessary to the benefits of both parties: Term-sheets to define nature of outsourced activities with general goals stated, non-disclosure agreements and a service agreement that define responsibilities, contact persons, law applicable etc., IPR issues (who will own generated IPR), quality levels needed for the studies (GMP/non-GMP etc), terms of payment (currency etc.).

Please use our searchable list of ~650 biotech/pharmaceutical/consulting companies with CRO activities within CMC, clinical research, regulatory Development, MA & JV, statistics etc. (see some of the keywords in the widget to the right).



clinical, pharmacovigilance, statistics, medical or scientific writing, drug, safety, licencing, consulting, MA, biomarkers, diagnostics, CMC, QC, GLP, Agro, Phase, Regulatory affairs, drug discovery, development, SOP, in-vivo animal, DMPK, toxicology, recruitment, NDA, IND

4ClinicsBelgium / FranceClinical Development, Post-Marketing, Epidemiologic studies, Pharmacovigilance, Biostatistics, Medical/scientific writing, Regulatory affairs
4G Pharmacovigilance LLPUK Drug safety, Pharmacovigilance services, Measuring regulatory compliance, Design of safety-relevant SOPs, Training, Licencing agreements
A+ ScienceSweden Clinical services, Protocol development, Project management, Clinical monitoring, Data management and biostatistics, Medical writing, Pharmacovigilance, Quality assurance,, Regulatory services
A10 Clinical SolutionsNC / USAClinical research, Clinical care, Clinical financial management, Budget negotiation, Contract/payment term negotiations, Clinical study budget forecasting, Clinical cost infrastructure analysis, Clinical career coaching
AagamiIL / USAStrategic consulting services, Finding JV partners, MA targets, Technology licensing services with in-licensing or out-licensing deals, IP search, Market research, Business studies
AAI Pharma Services NC / USAPharmaceutical development, Manufacturing, Stability storage and testing, Regulatory affairs support, Monograph testing per the USP, EP, BP, JP, FCC, ACS, Active pharmaceutical ingredient characterization studies, release and stability testing, Clinical trial material manufacturing and packaging of oral and parenteral dosage forms.
Aastrom ResearchChinaClinical trial consultancy focusing exclusively on the Chinese market, Clinical trials management, Clinical research, Medical device business analysis for Chinese market, MA advisory services for EU/US CROs and domestic CROs in China, Medical writing
AB SciexMA / USAMass spectrometry applications within Biomarker discovery and omics research, clinical diagnostics, Clinical research mass spectrometry, Forensic toxicology, Drug discovery and development mass spectrometry, Environmental testing, Food and beverage testing
ABC LaboratoriesMO / USAPharmaceutical Development, Preclinical and clinical Services (GLP), In-vivo DMPK services, Phase 0 Studies, CMC and QC services (CGMP), Radiolabeling and synthesis, Environmental assessments, Agrochemical development, Biodegradation, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Fate, Field Project Management, Plant and Animal Metabolism
ABF Pharmaceutical ServicesAustriaLabelling and packaging of pharmaceutical products, Storage, Import/export , Batch certification and QP-release, Quality Management, Formulation and cGMP manufacturing
AbridgeIndiaBA/BE and clinical end point audit and monitoring service, Site management, Project management
Absorption SystemsPA / USAPreclinical testing for drugs, biologics and medical devices, Bioavailability and exposure, Formulation assessment, BCS Classification, Acute systemic toxicity of medical devices or device materials, Sub-chronic toxicity of device materials, Irritation tests of device materials, Preclinical formulation profiling and characterization of biologics
Accell Clinical ResearchRussiaClinical trial services in Russia, Ukraine and Baltic states, Feasibility analysis, Project management, Clinical monitoring, Regulatory support for clinical studies, Clinical supply management, Quality assurance, Marketing authorization procurement, Data management
AccelovanceMD / USAClinical Sites and Patient recruitment, Project management, Monitoring, Data management, Biostatistics and analysis, Phamacovigilance, Regulatory affairs and IND services, Medical writing
AccelsiorsHungaryConsultancy services in drug development with focus on Biologics and Biosimilars, Non-clinical and clinical plan development, Regulatory strategy development and liaison with regulatory agencies, Pharmacovigilance, Medical monitoring, Biometrics, Medical writing
Accium BiosciencesWA / USAGLP/GCP compliant accelerator mass spectrometry services within drug development, Assessment of pharmacokinetics, metabolism and mass balance
AccovionGermanyRegulatory Consulting, Project Management, Medical Writing and publishing, Clinical Data Management, Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Monitoring, Health Outcomes Research, Pharmacovigilance, Statistical Programming, Biostatistics
Accumedix, IncIL / USADesign assistance through manufacturing and order fulfilment to the medical device industry. Overall program and project management, Design for cost and manufacturability, Manufacturing and assembly procedures, 510K, regulatory submissions and device listings, Sterile packaging, Sterilization coordination, In-process and final quality assurance
Accutest Research OrganizationIndiaBioavailability/Bioequivalence, Clinical Trials and Data Management, R&D-Formulation, Bio-generics and Bio-similar testing, Pre-formulation including concept building, API sourcing, costing and IP evaluation, Formulation development, Analytical method development, validation & stability, Process validation
AcliresBurmudaMedical writing, Regulatory support, Project management, Recruitment, Conduct of phase I/II studies, Site selection and site management for Phase III, Data management and statistics
ACM Global Central LaboratoryNY / USAClinical trial services, Quality assurance including system audits, facilities audits, quality systems audits and data integrity audits, Testing services within clinical chemistry, hematology, endocrinology, allergy testing, coagulation, immunology, serology/virology, flow cytometry
AcornTN / USAServices within Study Design/Protocol Development/Medical Writing, Medical Oversight, Project Management, Site Management and Monitoring, Regulatory Affairs, Site Contract Negotiations and Payment Management, Database Design/Build, Biostatistics/Data Management. Sole focus within oncology
ACR Image MetrixPA / USAClinical services with imaging data to pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device project. Imaging in early phase (I & II) trials, in late phase pharmaceutical studies or for medical device trials, Volumetric analyses/feature extraction, Multi-modality image fusion, SUV measurement, Dynamic contrast and perfusion MR, Diffusion MR measurements, MR spectroscopy, 3-D reconstruction/virtual endoscopy, Dynamic PET quantification, Cardiac MR/PET perfusion
AcronetJapanClinical solutions including monitoring, data management and statistical analyses, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, post-marketing surveillance, support to clinical studies and applications for approval in medical device development
aCROnordic   DenmarkOut-patient clinical trials covering phase I to IV trials within especially Vaccines, Pulmonary diseases, Dermatology, Metabolic diseases. Planning, conduct and reporting of Clinical Studies, Clinical Development Plans and study design, Protocol development, Clinical Trial Application, Clinical Data Management, Statistical Programming, CDISC consulting services
AcrovanSouth KoreaClinical development solutions including consulting services, Phase I clinical studies, bioequivalency and pharmacodynamic studies, bioanalytical analyses, and Phase II, III, clinical development programs, tools for managing clinical trial data
Actimus BioIndiaCustom Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry, Process Development for material for Preclinical and Clinical Studies by utilizing GMP Pilot Facilities, Kilo Lab and Commercial Production.Clinical services including study design, project management, medical safety monitoring, biostatistics, quality assurance auditing, regulatory submissions and scientific communications.
Activa CROArgentinaServices for biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device programmes in all stages of preclinical, clinical development and registration process. Design of study documents, regulatory services, local study approval, selection and management of investigational sites, subject recruitment, data management, statistics and medical writing
Acurian, Inc  PA / USARecruitment and enrolment of patients for clinical trials within Endocrinology, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Gastroenterology, CNS diseases, Musculoskeletal disorders, Urology, Women's Health
Advanced Drug Development ServicesFrancePhase II-III and late phase clinical studies for drugs and medical devices in Oncology, CNS diseases, Cardiovascular diseases and metabolism, Orphan Drug, Medical devices, Combination Products. Project Management, Submissions, Monitoring, Data Management, Statistics, Medical Writing, Safety, Risk Management
Advanced BioScience LaboratoriesMD / USAContract research and manufacturing organization with preclinical and clinical services including immunological, molecular, and cell-based assay platforms for candidate selection, in vivo studies with preclinical immunomonitoring and efficacy and potency testing, cGMPfacilities for mammalian- and microbial-based protein therapeutics, viral vectors and vaccines
Advanced Clinical Research UT / USAClinical research centres with experience within among others Dermatology, Ear,Nose, and Throat, Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases, Pain Management, Pediatrics, Psychology, Urology, Vaccines, Vascular/Cardiovascular, Women's Health
Advanced Clinical Services IL / USAClinical research services, Clinical development planning, Regulatory Affairs, Protocol Writing, Global Study Feasibility, Project Management, Study Start Up, Site Identification, Budgeting, Contracting, Clinical Monitoring and Site Management, Medical Monitoring, Safety Surveillance, Data Management, Statistics, Medical Writing, Quality Audits
Advinus Therapeutics IndiaDrug Discovery within Metabolic, Inflammatory and neglected diseases. Process Development & Synthesis, DMPK, Bioanalytical, Safety Assessment, Safety Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology. Agro Development activities that includes Process Chemistry Services, Formulation Development, Physico/Chemical, Residue Analytical, Environmental fate & ADME, Toxicology
AepodiaBelgiumClinical trials and scientific consultancy including Preclinical and clinical drug development Plan up to PoC, Biomarker recommendations and implementation, Preclinical and clinical Due Diligence. Services for early clinical trial strategy and study design.
Agilent Technologies, Inc  USAChemical Analysis, Life Sciences, Diagnostics and Genomics, and Electronic Measurement
AginkoSwitzerlandPre-clinical and clinical services within musculosketal research projects. In vitro assay of chondrogenesis and osteogenesis, Stem Cell Assays, Biomechanical Strength Testing. Cartilage repair, arthritis, fracture, osteoporosis among available disease models
AIX ScientificsGermanyDeveloping, managing and evaluating clinical studies and post-marketing surveillances for pharmaceuticals and medical devices
Aklima Clinical ResearchPakistanProduct Development and Formulation, Clinical Trial Management, Services for processing trial samples, Data Management Services for preparation of regulatory applications
AkosNC / USAPharmacovigilance services covering clinical trials from Phase 1 throughout the development cycle through to full post marketing support with particular experience within gene therapy, dermatology, oncology, gynaecology, vaccines, neurology
AlcheraBioNJ / USAVeterinary clinical contract research organization and animal health consultancy Veterinary clinical contract research, pivotal and post-marketing studies, Regulatory affairs (FDA CVM, USDA, EPA), including GMP manufacturing regulations, Data management, Quality Assurance services (GLP and GCP), Marketing and related services
AltioraCroatiaServices for Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Biostatics, Recruitment, Project Management, Monitoring, Quality Assurance, Supplies, Bioinformatics
Alliance Research GroupVA / USASupports pharmaceutical companies developing new drug/device therapies in the area of Central Nervous System. Supports Phase II, III and IV trials.
Allied Clinical ManagementGermanyMonitoring and managing phase I to phase IV post-marketing clinical. Main therapeutic areas of expertise: Biopharmaceuticals, Cardiovascular Disease, CNS, Dermatology, Female Contraception, Metabolic Disorders, Oncology
AllphaseNJ / USAClinical trial management, monitoring, medical writing, auditing. Oncology, CNS, Cardiovascular, Endocrinology, Infectious Diseases and Allergy as main therapeutic areas of expertise.
AlphaGenesis Incorporated SC / USANonhuman primate products and bio-research services world-wide. Provides specific-pathogen-free (SPF) nonhuman primate models: Cynomolgus and rhesus macaques, African Greens, and New World primate species.
NamsaOH / USARegulatory consulting, R&D support, Non-clinical testing, Clinical research with biostatistics, study design, study management, drug safety, medical writing, post-market support
AmarexMD / USAProject Management, Clinical Site Feasibility, Clinical Monitoring, Data Management, Medical Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Biostatistics, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance
American International Clinical R&D NJ / USAEarly-phase medical product research & development in China, Contract Manufacturing Services, Product Process & Assay Development Services, China Business Development Consulting Services, Business development in China
AML Clinical ServicesBelgiumClinical trial research. Feasibility studies, Research Site selection and pre-study assessments, Submission to ethics committees, Project tracking /status reporting, Auditing assistance, Trial & Site management, Monitoring of clinical trials (Phase I to Phase IV, PMOS, IIS)
AnabaseNJ / USAConsulting and medical monitoring and safety review, study management and clinical study services, data management and reporting, auditing, statistical analysis
Andurihl Medical Writing South AfricaScientific and regulatory medical writing
Antaea Medical ServicesGreeceFeasibility studies, training, project management, site coordination, registration and regulatory affairs, phamacovigilance, medical writing, quality assurance, market research, data management and biostatistics
Apcer PharmaNJ / USAClinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance, Medical Affairs and Communication, Medical, Clinical and Regulatory Writing, Regulatory Strategy and Operations
A-Pharma CzechClinical trials, medical devices, drug registration, data management, biostatistics, quality assurance including GCP auditing, translations of medical texts, GCP trainings and drug safety management
Applied Clinical IntelligencePA / USAConsulting for drug development projects, Data Management, Data Standards, Statistical Consulting, Statistical Programming, Project Turn-Around, Health Economics and Reimbursement
Applied Healthcare Resource Management NY / USASupports pharmaceutical and medical device studies from Phase I through Phase IV, Site Recruitment, Site Monitoring, Data Management, Project Management, economic analysis to support pricing and reimbursement requirements in North America and Europe, Market Research Analysis, Writing Support
ApredicaUKADME, Toxicity and Pharmacokinetic properties of drug candidates and lead compounds. Early stage drug discovery activities
AptuitUSADrug discovery and drug development, Preclinical Biosciences, API Development & Manufacture, Solid State Chemistry, Sterile Fill Finish & Formulation Development, Inhaled Dosage Form Development & Manufacture
Arete Clinical ResearchUSAServices to conduct, coordinate and manage Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials in India
Argenta Discovery UKSmall molecule drug discovery services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Therapeutic areas: respiratory disease, oncology, inflammation, CNS, pain, metabolism, GI, infectious disease and cardiovascular disease. Experience in GPCRs, kinases, proteases and other enzyme families, nuclear receptors, integrins and ion channels
ArgintHungaryServices to the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry: feasibility, monitoring, Project Management, Early phase clinical trials, Quality Assurance Audits, Regulatory & Ethics, Provision of Study Extranet Sites, Consultancy
Aris Global  IndiaSoftware solutions for the life sciences industry: Pharmacovigilance & Safety, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research and Medical Information Management
Arkios BioDevelopment InternationalUSAEarly stage development and clinical trial management. Strategic Regulatory Plans, Preclinical Vendor Management, Investigator Recruitment, Medical Writing, NDA Writing and Filing
BracketTX / USAClinical trial data collection, data optimization, training and certification
ARS Clinical Trials USAIn-Patient Clinical Trials, Out-Patient Clinical Trials, Device Trials, OTC Clinical Trials. Consulting, Site Selection, Project Management, Patient Recruitment, Clinical Monitoring, Quality Assurance, FDA Audit Planning & Responses
Ascent Clinical Research SolutionsRussiaPhase I/IIa, Proof of Concept and Bioequivalence studies in in Russia. Therapeutic areas: Cardiovascular, Metabolic, Respiratory, Neurology, Infectious diseases, Immune diseases, Gastro Intestinal, Urology, Kidney diseases, Liver diseases, Oncology
ASCO PharmFranceMedical and regulatory affair, Project management, Monitoring, Site activity, Data management, Statistics, Clinical writing, Electronic Tools
CantoxAL / USAFood & Nutrition, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Chemicals, and Agricultural Biotech & Consumer Products. Regulatory Support, Scientific Support, Product Development, Toxicological Risk Assessments, Product Safety Assessments, Compliance Auditing, Training and Mediation
Asiatic Clinical ResearchIndiaPhase II - IV clinical trial support to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.
ASKA ResearchBC / CanadaClinical trial management and monitoring services
AsklepJapanClinical trial services with Project Management, Support to CMC Activities, Education and Training, Monitoring, Subject Enrolment, Data Management, Biostatistical Analysis, Medical Writing, Reliability and Quality Assurance, Pharmacovigilance
AspectUKCommunity based clinical trials for pharmaceutical and medical device development
Assign GroupGermanyClinical research development organisation with therapeutic focus areas of oncology, vaccines, cancer immunotherapy and personalised medicine. Services for Phase I-Phase IV, contract negotiations, risk-based monitoring, medical writing, submissions, data management, IMP handling, pre-clinical studies
Astrom ResearchChinaIntroduction of clients to Key Investigators at Chinese hospitals and clinics, Start up, performance and reporting of phase II, III, and IV clinical trials, Applications for regulatory SFDA and IRBs for clinical trials in China, GCP training of investigators and monitors, Monitoring of clinical trials according to GCP-ICH, Registration of medical device products in China
Atlantic Life SciencesQC / CanadaClinical studies with First-in-man clinical trials, Phase I clinical trials including biosimilars, Bioavailability / Bioequivalence including comparative biosimilars clinical studies, Nutraceutical clinical studies are approached with rigor and specific guidance, Natural health products, functional foods and probiotics.
Atuka Ltd  CanadaContract research and consultancy services for development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics for Parkinson's disease. Assessment of pre-clinical efficacy, Assessment of clinical efficacy, Consultancy services
Avail Clinical ResearchFL / USAClinical research site conducting Phase I-IV clinical trials in Florida
Averion InternationalMA / USAAdaptive trials, medical device clinical trials and clinical trials with biostatistics, database development, data management, EDC, monitoring, project management, DMC/DSMB support, endpoint adjudication, medical writing, site selection/patient recruitment and auditing
AvinexRussiaMedical and pharmaceutical logistics. Especially for clinical trials support
Aviva Fridman Clinical Trials IsraelPhase I-IV pharmaceutical trial management. Regulatory affairs, Monitoring and Site Management, Audits
Axio ResearchUSAData and clinical trial management. Biostatistics, Data Management, Data Monitoring Committees, Clinical Events Committees, NIH & Academic Research
AxonUSAClinical trial support services, medical communications, public relations and market access
Axon CROCzechClinical services for Phase I-IV clinical trials. Therapeutic expertise areas Allergy/Immunology, Cardiology/Internal Medicine, Neurology/Psychiatry, Dermatology/Orthopaedics, Diabetology/Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hematology/Infectology, Ophthalmology, Oncology/Pain Control, Non-interventional studies, Device studies
Axon MedchemNetherlandsMedicinal chemistry. Drug design and synthesis of bio-active and/or drug-like molecules. 
B&C GroupBelgiumPackaging & Logistics Company solely dedicated to Pre-clinical and clinical research packaging and logistics. Packaging and labelling, QP release, wharehousing and distribution, biomedical storage and logistics
BASiIN / USADrug discovery CRO company with bioanalytical services for discovery, non-clinical and clinical bioanalytical support, Non-clinical/GLP Toxicology Services, Discovery Research Services (efficacy, target validation, new compound screening)
BBKMA / USAPatient recruitment for clinical trials
TFSNJ / USAPhases 0, I and IIa, II, III, and IV clinical trials. Areas of expertise: pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostic, generics and functional food companies
BelnicoBelarusregistration of drugs and medical products with conducting clinical trials in Belarus
BeltasNew ZealandClinical trial services with Trial Feasibility & Site Selection, Study Design & Data Management, Project Management & Planning, Regulatory & Ethics, Approval, Study Start-up, Study Monitoring, Medical & Report Writing, Training
Bio Analytical Research CorporationUSAmanagement of the laboratory component of phase I-IV clinical trials. Test for biomarkers, Cytopathology, Histopathology, Specialist extended testing (HPV PCR, IHC, FISH, flow cytometry, DNA extraction), Hematopathology and bone marrow pathology
Bio Reliance Corporation  USATesting and manufacturing services to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. Biologics Safety Testing, Biomanufacturing Services, Toxicology, Clinical Trial Laboratory Services,Animal Health Services, Consulting Services
BioAxis IndiaBiotechnology services, DNA Sequencing services, Microbial Identification services, 16s and 28s DNA/RNA Sequencing services, Bioinformatics services, Clinical Research services, DNA Testing services, Paternity Test services, Forensic Analysis services
Biocard ResearchGermanyClinical trial support with Project Management, Monitoring, Bioequivalence Studies, Data Management and Statistics, Medical Writing, Support Services, Pharmacovigilance and Logistical Support. Special focus ares: oncology
BiocentrumPolandPreclinical development services including ADME testing, services in the field of protein chemistry, protein purification, antibody production
BioClin Health CareBC / CanadaPatient infusion, injection and self-injection teaching services in private clinic settings throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario
BioClinicaPA/ USAclinical trial management solutions. Imaging and cardilaboratory services for clinical studies for cardiac safety profile of the study compound from Phase I–IV
Biocult NetherlandsFor contract manufacturing services for Monoclonal Antibodies
Establishing of cell banks
Manufacturing services for Monoclonal Antibodies, Manufacture of MAB for clinical (Phase I) studies according to GMP guidelines. Courses in cell culture and GMP, establishment of cell banks
BioFocusUSADrug discovery services: Target discovery, Assay development & screening, Medicinal chemistry, Structural biology, Fragment-based drug discovery, ADME, in silico drug discovery, Compound libraries
Biofortis FranceFocus on nutrition. Clinical research, bioanalytical laboratory services and sensory/consumer science
BioKinetic EuropeIrelandDevelops and designs early phase I-II clinical trials. Areas of expertise: Women's Health, Pain Management & Arthritis, Cardiology, Vaccines, Diabetes, Asthma/COPD
BiomapasLithuaniaClinical Trial Management & Monitoring, Project Management, Site Management, Post Marketing Studies, Clinical safety, Pharmacovigilance Services, Regulatory Affairs Services, GCP Training
BiometrixMA / USAEquipment and systems services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries: Validation services to comply with CGMP guidelines, on-site calibration of test and measuring equipment, commissioning of biopharma facilities and non-FDA regulated support facilities
BiomonitorDenmarkSupport of research and clinical trials operations with PK,PD and Immunogenicity testing. Patient monitoring for optimizing treatment regime execution.
BIOP AGSwitzerlandClinical study support services: statistics, medical writing, programming, CRF design, data management,
BioPharma Services IncON / CanadaBioequivalence/Bioavailability Studies and Phase I/IIa Clinical Trials. Protocol Development, Clinical Execution of the Protocol,Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic and Statistical Analysis, Quality Assurance Auditing, Clinical Data Management, LC-MS/MS Bioanalytical Services
BioRASI Clinical ResearchFL / USAOptimization of clinical research. Areas of expertise: Cardiovascular, CNS/Neurology, Infectious Diseases, Psychiatry, Oncology
Biosen GroupCA / USAClinical lab diagnostics and radiology. Services for Cosmetic Formulation & Analysis, Food & Beverage Testing, Supplements & Nutraceutical Testing
BioskinGermanySpecialized in dermatology. Plans and conducts Phase I-IV clinical trials for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food supplements and advanced/professional cosmetics
BioSoteriaCA / USADrug safety services with Preclinical Safety Assessment, Clinical Safety Surveillance, Postmarketing Pharmacovigilance, Data Management, Risk Management, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacovigilance Compliance, Document Writing and Data Analysis
BioStat International FL / USAClinical trial services. Study planning and statistics
Biotoxtech Co., LTDSouth KoreaGeneral toxicity studies for pharmacetutical development. Genotoxicity, reproductive and developmental studies, carciogenicity studies, saftety pharmacology, ecotoxicology
BiotrialFranceServices in Safety Pharmacology, Phase I and Phase II-IV, ECG, Imaging, Oncology, Biometrics, QA & Regulatory, Bioanalysis
BiotrofixMA / USAPreclinical drug development services with special expertise in preclinical efficacy studies in rodent models of neurologic and vascular diseases
Blue Sky BiotechUSAVector gene synthesis, plasmid production, E. coli, Insect and Mammalian Scale-Up, antibody cloning and production, protein purification, radiometric assays, and assay execution
Boston MedTech AdvisorsMA / USASupports medical technology companies and healthcare organizations with Market analysis and business strategy, Business development, Regulatory affairs and clinical trials management, Reimbursement and contracting strategies, Financing support
Pooling Project PharmacovigilanceGermanyLiterature Research and Assessment, Periodic Periodic Safety Update Reports, Pharmacovigilance Database
Bradstreet Clinical ResearchUSAClinical research and regulatory affairs services to pharmaceutical, medical device and medical education companies: FDA's Drug and Device Regulatory Requirements, Clinical Development Services, Monitoring & Study Rescue, Therapeutic Areas of Expertise, Auditing Services
Bri Biopharmaceutical Research CanadaLC/MS/MS bioanalytical and DM/PK analytical services for Clinical Trials, in vivo DMPK & ADME, Drug Candidate Early In Vitro & In Vivo Screening
BrilliancePolandConducting, monitoring and management of clinical trials phase II – IV. Preparation and training for Polish sites (hospitals, outpatient units). Study feasibility (site & investigators selection), staff outsourcing for CROs & medical/pharmaceutical companies, data management services
Burleson Research Technologies NC / USALaboratory services with proof-of-concept, pre-clinical, clinical, and toxicology studies. Regulatory Immunotoxicology/Immunotoxicity Testing, Toxicology, Hypersensitivity/Irritancy Testing, Immunogenicity/Vaccine/Biologics, Ophthalmic Toxicology and Pharmacology, Microbiology Services, Pesticide Immunotoxicity Testing Services
Business & Development Life Sciences BelgiumSupports clinical trials in the operational, data management, analytical, outcome research, and document writing area
C&R ResearchSouth KoreaRegulatory and clinical research services: Clinical development phase I-III and clinical studies post-approval (Phase IV to observational studies). Regulatory strategy consultation, Preparation, validation, submission and maintenance of regulatory Applications IND/ NDA, Communication with health authorities
Calvert LaboratoriesUSADrug discovery services with Acute Toxicology, Carcinogenicity, Reproductive/Developmental Studies, Immunotoxicology, Safety Pharmacology, Discovery Pharmacology, Immunology, Pharmacokinetics/toxicokinetics, Anti-Cancer Models, Anti-Infective Models
Camargo Pharmaceutical ServicesOH / USAClinical research organization specializing in the 505(b)(2) process including feasibility assessments, formulation and testing the drug product, conducting preclinical and clinical studies, final submission
Cambridge BiomedicalMA / USABioanalytical services and clinical diagnostics. Assay Development, Biomarker Assay Development, Biosimilar Assay Development, Dose Formulation Analysis, PK/PD Analysis, Quality Assurance Audits, Quality Systems Development, Regulatory/QA Consulting
MaxxamBC / CanadaAnalytical services and solutions to the energy, environmental, food and DNA industries including Air Services, DNA Testing (Forensics, Paternity & Immigration), Ecotoxicology, Environmental, Equine Sport (Drug), Pharmaceutical Products
Cape Cod Clinical ResearchMA / USAClinical drug development with Trial Design, Project and Operational Management, Patient Recruitment, GCP Auditing, Medical Writing, Quality Control, Data Analysis, Regulatory Submissions
Carolinas Research AssociatesNC / USAInvestigator Site Network with with research studies in various therapeutic areas
Catalyst Clinical ServicesIndiaClinical Research Services includes Project Management, Clinical Trials Execution, Data Management, Regulatory Support Services, Medical Writing, Auditing
CATO ResearchUSARegulatory assessments and strategy development, Regulatory interactions, Preclinical/toxicology development programs, study management and monitoring, Phase 1 through Phase 4 clinical study design, implementation, trial management, and monitoring services, Data management, CMC, Audit and due diligence for new technologies
CCDRDGermanyClinical trials in human with planning and conduct of clinical studies worldwide
CCS AssociatesUSAScientific services in drug discovery and development to government agencies as well as to pharmaceutical and biotech industries
Cedarburg Hauser PharmaceuticalsUSAmanufacturing company for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and pharmaceutical intermediates. Chemical synthesis, Natural product extraction, isolation and purification, CMC and regulatory services
CelerionNE / USAServices include Global Clinical Research, Clinical Pharmacology Sciences modeling and simulation, study design and protocol development. Clinical data sciences, biostatistics, PK/PD, medical writing and reporting. Bioanalytical Services and drug development Services with project management, regulatory services and drug development consultancy
CEMOFranceServices for clinical studies including clinical trial design and management. Set up, production, logistics, storage and disposal for bio samples, including handling and testing, all study related materials, Investigational Medicinal Product, including batch release (GMP certified facility)
CephaCzechClinical research services including first-in-man, safety/rising dose tolerance Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies and Phase II-IV Clinical Trials withclinical trial planning, statistics and study protocol writing. Bioanalytical Services, Pharmacokinetic and Statistical Data Evaluation
CERBFrancepreclinical pharmacology and toxicology
Certus InternationalMA / USAClinical trial management, monitoring, data management, regulatory, biostatistical, writing and imaging core lab services within the pharmaceutical, medical device, imaging (MRI, CT, X-ray, PET, Ultrasound), PET Biomarkers, nutraceuticals
Inflamax ResearchNC / USAClinical trial research with Phase I-IV Single and Multi-site Clinical Trial Services, Clinical Trial Support Services, Drug and Device Clinical Development Consultation
Charles River LaboratoriesUSADrug discovery services including lead optimization and candidate selection, in vivo pharmacology, in vitro pharmacology, imaging services and various animal models
Chembiotech Laboratories  UKDrug discovery services. Chemistry, biology and biotechnology services
ChemBiotekIndiaChemistry and pre-clinical drug discovery: Medicinal chemistry synthesis, CGMP Kilo Scale Synthesis, DMPK, Structure based drug design, In Vivo/In vitro pharmacology, Safety and Toxucology, Electrophysiology, Biologics
ChemDivCA / USADrug discovery services and clinical development: Target to lead, lead to candidate, ADME, Synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, screening libraries, Pre-clinical pharmacology, animal models, clinical development: Clinical trial management, Clinical trial monitoring, QA, QC
ChilternUKClinical research services from First-In-Man : Regulatory affairs, Project management, Study design and consultancy, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical writing, Pharmacology, Safety monitoring, Medical support
Cirion QC / CanadaServices for clinical studies and Research & Development services
CITFranceGLP and non-GLP nonclinical services for drug discovery and drug development including Genotoxicity and general toxicology, Safety Pharmacology, Immunology , Efficacy, Lead identification, Formulation
Clin Trial Limited  HungaryClinical trial services for Phase I-IV trials in Hungary and international with Study design, protocol development, case report form design and printing, Site and investigator selection and recruitment, Regulatory and ethical approval procurement
ClinAuditsNJ / USAAuditing consultancy services for Good Clinical Practice (GCP),
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Tissue Practices (GTP), and Good
Laboratory Practices (GLP) regulatory compliance for pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and tissue engineering industries
ClinBayBelgiumStatistical services for the design and analysis of clinical studies: Phase I safety and pharmacokinetic studies, Biomarker and proof of concept studies, Dose-ranging phase II trials, Phase III and regulatory submissions, Post-registration phase IV, Pre- and non-clinical trials
ClindatrixCA / USAClinical services: project management, clinical monitoring, medical safety, data management, biostatistics, medical writing, regulatory affairs, quality assurance and consulting services
Clinesian Research ManagementNJ / USAClinical research services for Phase I-IV trials: project management, clinical and medical monitoring, data management, biostatistics, report writing and QA
ClinFinityTX / USAClinical research services: Clinical Site Selection, Coordination of Clinical Trials (Phase I-IV), Project Management, Study Design, Monitoring Clinical Trials (Phase I-IIb & IV, OTC Switch), Medical Writing
Clinical Assistance Programs MA / USAClinical trial consulting: Study endpoint selection, Identification of target patient population, Endpoint education programs for CRAs/CROs, Investigator meeting education and training, Post-approval training
Clinical Device Group IL / USAMedical device clinical research consulting with assistance in establishing biological safety, efficacy, or performance
Clinical InvestigationsHungaryClinical services for: drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, healthcare products.
Clinical Research AdvantageAZ / USACommunity-based network - CRA teams up with local physicians to set up clinical research sites within established medical offices. Recruitment and regulatory support for physician during the clinical trial process
Clinical Research Consulting, Inc.MA / USAClinical Research Consulting for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Clinical monitoring, project management, training and educational services
Clinical Research Development Experts  PolandClinical trials in Poland
Clinical Research Management (CRM)OH / USAClinical research: Program Management, Patient Recruiting, Quality Management, Clinical Data Management, Clinical Monitoring, Regulatory Support, Safety Oversight, Statistical Analysis & Reporting, Training & Education
Clinical Site Services (CSS)MD / USAPatient enrollment and retainment for clinical studies
Clinical Supplies Management, Inc (CSM) ND / USAServices with clinical supplies for clinical studies: On-Demand Packaging and Labeling, Storage and Global Distribution, Returns, Reconciliation and Destruction, Pharmacy Services, Clinical Supplies Consulting, Controlled Substance Handling, Traditional Packaging and Labeling
ClinigeneIndiaClinical research services: Human pharmacology studies, Clinical trial management, Medical writing, Medical monitoring & safety management, Central laboratory services, Bioanalytical & biomarker services, Immunogenecity testing , Clinical data management & biostatistics, Regulatory services, Pharmacovigilance
ClinilabsNY / USAClinical research services with Pharmacovigilance, Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development, Auditing
ClinimetricsUSAClinical research services with Pharmacovigilance, Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development, Auditing. Clinical supply with packaging, distribution and storage
ClinimindsIndiaClinical science training and management. Courses and education online and in India
ClinInvent Research Pvt, LtdIndiaClinical trial Management with project management and data management
ClinipaceNC / USADrug and medical device product development with Site Selection and Management, Biostatistics, Clinical Monitoring, CMC, Data Management, Feasibility, GxP Auditing, QA consultancy, Medical affairs and medical writing, patient recruitment, Pharmacovigilance & Safety, PK/PD
ClinireachIndiaClinical research services with Clinical Trial Execution, Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development, Auditing, Training
CliniRx Research IndiaConsultancy and Clinical research services with Clinical Trial Execution, Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development, Auditing
ClinitriaSlovakiaClinical research services in Central and Eastern Europe: Clinical Research (Phase I-IV) for drugs and medical devices, Site identification, Investigator recruitment, Feasibility Assessments, Monitoring, Project management, Auditing, Regulatory support and Veterinary studies
ClinitudeBelgiumClinical research services with Clinical Trial Execution, Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance
ClinlogixPA / USASite Identification, Project Management, Clinical Monitoring, Data Management, Safety Management, Contract & Budget Management, Regulatory, Medical Writing, Biostatistics, Quality Assurance, Auditing
ClinquestUSAConsulting for Drug and Medical Device Clinical Trial Implementation ,Pharmacovigilance Services for Investigational and Marketed Products,Drug Development Consulting Data Management and Biostatistics
Clinres FarmacijaHungaryClinical research services for pharmaceuticals and medical devices: Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development
ClinResearchGermanySee Aptiv Solutions
ClinservLebanonClinical research services for pharmaceuticals and medical devices: Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development
ClinSmartPA / USAClinical Development Services: Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Plan Development, Clinical Site Recruitment and Monitoring, Data Management, Biostatistics, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance, Project Management
ClinStarCA / USAClinical Services for Phase I-IIa, Phase II-III, Late Phase Services, Safety & Risk Management, Markets & Strategies, Bioanalytical services. Therapeutic areas of expertise: Cardio-Metabolic, Infectious Diseases, CNS and Neurosciences (Neurology and Psychiatry) , Oncology and Hematology
Clinstat ConsultingCA / USAConsultancy for Clinical strategy with regulatory guidance and public relations expertise
Clinsys / JubiliantNJ / USAClinical research services including Clinical Trial Execution, Pharmacovigilance, Project Management, Study Monitoring, Clinical Pharmacology, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development, Auditing
ClinTec InternationalIndiaClinical trial services and biomedical research: Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Site Management, Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing, Biostatistics & Clinical Data Analytics, Staffing & Recruitment
Clintech ResearchIndiaPre-Clinical and Clinical drug development services
Clintrac International India
ClinTrials Research IndiaClinical trial services and biomedical research: Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Site Management, Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing, Biostatistics & Clinical Data Analytics, Staffing & Recruitment
Cmed GroupUKClinical trial services and biomedical research: Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Site Management, Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing, Biostatistics & Clinical Data Analytics
CMIC Company Limited  Japan
Cogtest DE / USAClinical trial design, test selection, and site selection worldwid
Comac MedicalBulgariaClinical trial research: Trial concept design and medical writing, Monitoring of clinical trials (Phase I-IV in all indications), Conduct of early phase trials, Site management, Biostatistics, data management, bioanalytical assays using HPLC and LC-MS/MS, Auditing, Regulatory consultancy
Comparative Biosciences, IncCA / USAGLP and non-GLP preclinical toxicology, efficacy, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics, histopathology, and safety studies on animal models. Particular areas of expertise: ocular, dermatology, fibrosis, wound healing, burns, stem cells, oncology, renal, inflammation, immune-mediated, CNS, cardiovascular, infection models, and devices
Concentrics ResearchIN / USALate-stage (Phase II-IV) and consumer healthcare clinical research. Regulatory consultation, Project management, Site Management, Clinical Monitoring, Data Management and Statistical Analysis, Medical Writing
CongenixRussiaClinical Monitoring, Project Management, Regulatory Affairs, QC and QA'
Consortium Clinical ResearchIndiaClinical training and education
Convex CROBulgariaClinical trial services and biomedical research: Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Site Management, Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing, Biostatistics & Clinical Data Analytics, Staffing & Recruitment
Coronis Research GreeceClinical study services: Study Design , Trial Management & Site Monitoring, Clinical Data Management , Biostatistics , Medical Writing & Translation Services, Clinical Quality Assurance , Medical Affairs & Safety Surveillance, Regulatory Affairs
Courante OncologyMN / USAClinical trial services with focus on oncology product development: Clinical trial management and support services to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, project management, clinical site monitoring, quality assurance, and medical writing services
CPC Clinical ResearchCO / USAClinical Research services: Biostatistics and Data Management, Project Management, Monitoring, Pharmacovigilance, Audits, QA consulting, Medical and Scientific writing
CPR ServicesAustraliaClinical trial services: Clinical Trial Management & Monitoring, Clinical Development Planning, Regulatory Strategy and Submission, Quality Assurance, Compliance & Audits, Pharmacovigilance Services, Rescue Studie
Cqua Research InternationalCanadaMedical device regulatory consulting: CE, FDA-510K, DCGI registration certification and as applicable to the country, Clinical study regulatory approvals, Quality Management Services : ISO 13485, GMP-QMS, GCP, Product import and logistics management
CR&DSNJ / USAClinical research project management consulting
CriteriumNY / USAClinical research for the pharmaceutical, medical device, biopharmaceutical, and CRO industries
CROfessionalsVA / USAServices: Clinical Trial Management & Monitoring, Clinical Development Planning, Regulatory Strategy and Submission, Quality Assurance, Compliance & Audits, Pharmacovigilance Services, Rescue Studies. Particular areas of expertise: Bleeding disorders, gene therapy, infectious diseases, pain diseases, immunodeficiency diseases
CROM Group ItalyClinical research support for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Feasibility, Site Selection, Regulatory Affairs, Project Management, Clinical Monitoring, Pharmacovigilance, Biostatistics, Medical Writing, Staffing
Cromos PharmaOR / USAClinical outsourcing to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, the Baltic states and the countries of Eastern Europe. Managing of Phase I-IV clinical trials, bioequivalence and observational studies
Cropha Belgium
Crown CROFinlandMonitoring of clinical trials, medical device trials and functional food trials, project management and submissions to Regulatory Authorities and Ethics Committees. Safety reporting, quality assurance and medical writing.
Cu-TechNJ / USASpecialized in the development of products related to dermatologic disease, and skin care. Clinical research services with project management, clinical research monitoring
Evans Analytical GroupMO / USAAnalytical and testing services: Materials Characterization with surface analysis, microscopy and materials analysis to support high technology industries. Microelectronics Test and Engineering, Environmental Fate, Chemistry and Ecotoxicology for agrochemicals
D2LIndiaClinical research services: Feasibility Studies, Project Management, Site Management, Clinical Data Management, Medical Writing, Biostatistics & Clinical Data Analytics, Staffing & Recruitment
Datapharm AustraliaAustralia Clinical Trial Services: Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Trial Monitoring , Data management, Statistics, Medical writing, QA, Auditing
Dava OncologyTX / USAClinical trial analysis within oncology, Site identification, Enrollment planning, Patient recruitment
Davinci Biomedical Research Products, Inc.MA / USAPreclinical animal studies with particular experience and models in the following fields: Cardiovascular, Regenerative, Orthopaedic, Medical devices, Coatings for antimicrobials
DaVita Clinical ResearchUSAClinical research services. Special areas of expertise: Renal diseases, Diabetes, Elderly, Womans diseases, Cardiovascular.
DevDx ClinicalChina
DevelopharmaSwitzerlandFormulation services: Pre-formulation studies, formulation development, manufacture of clinical trial batches, stability studies, batch scale -up and technology transfer, product registration support
DIL LimitedIndiaChemical synthesis: Organic compounds, Chiral Building Blocks and Intermediates, aromatic & non-aromatic, functionalized heterocycles, enzyme mediated asymmetric synthesis of hydroxyesters, protection of amino acids at amino and carboxyl functionalities
Dimension ResearchPakistanClinical trial services including Study development, Biostatistics, QA, Regulatory services
Dishman Group UKProcess development, process optimisation, manufacture for late stage clinical and commercial supply. API synthesis
Divis Laboratories Limited  IndiaChemical synthesis and manufacturer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) & Intermediates for Generics. Custom Synthesis of API's and Advanced intermediates for discovery compounds, Building blocks for Peptides and Nucleotides, Carotenoids, Chiral ligands
DocroCT / USASpecializing in the commercialization of diagnostic biomarker technologies. Services include: strategic consulting, specimen acquisition, CLIA lab testing, and regulatory consulting.
Donawa Lifescience ConsultingItalyClinical Research Services for pharmaceuticals and medical devices: Project Management, Clinical Trials Execution, Data Management, Regulatory Support Services, Medical Writing, Training
DP Clinical  USAClinical Research Services includes Project Management, Clinical Trials Execution, Data Management, Regulatory Support Services, Medical Writing
Dr M Koehler GermanyBiostatistical services including biostatistical services include: Contribution to study design, Power analysis and sample size calculation, Statistical analysis plans, Statistical programming
DSP Clinical ResearchNJ / USAClinical Research Services includes Project Management, Clinical Trials Execution, Data Management, Regulatory Support Services, Medical Writing
Dubar Research FoundationIndiaPre-clinical services in Drug Discovery and Development. Identification of lead molecules, toxicology, cell biology, DMPK and analytical studies, drug development to IND enabling studies
Ecron AcunovaChina Clinical services for Phase I - IV clinical research, including Clinical Trial Management, Clinical Data Management, PK/PD services
EGCP S.A. ArgentinaPhase I to IV clinical trials services: Clinical Monitoring, Organization and Consulting for Clinical Research Sites, Regulatory Affairs, Bioavailability and Bioequivalence studies, Pharmacovigilance
Egeen InternationalCA / USAClinical trial consulting services with feasability assessments, regulatory approvals and enrollment programs
Eliapharma Services Inc.QC / CanadaImaging and bioanalytical services with animal models ( LCMS/MS, LC-UV-MS/MS, Immunoassays and Radio-immunoassays), preclinical services, Pharmacokinetic, Drug Metabolism (PKMD), Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Elimination or excretion and Toxicology (ADMET) in rodents and higher species
Emergo GroupTX / USAMedical device consulting services qith QA, regulatory, representation, clinical, reimbursement and distribution consulting services
Emerson ResourcesPA / USAPhase I, II and III clinical supplies: Formulation Development, Clinical Supplies Manufacturing, Analytical Method Development/Validation, Analytical Testing Services, Full ICH Stability Studies, Schedule II-V Controlled Substance Manufacturing, Organic Solvent Processing
EmissaryUSAClinical Protocol Development, Case Report Form Design, Electronic Data Capture (EDC) System, Investigator Identification & Qualification, Monitoring and Project Management, Clinical Site Management, Data Management & Statistical Analysis, Medical Writing & Regulatory Submissions, Auditing and QA
EndpointCA / USAIT systems and software for optimization of clinical trials
Ephoran ItalyImaging services for preclinical research and development. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine and X-ray facility, Ultrasound Imaging, Optical Imaging
EpiStat ResearchUSAHealth-services program evaluation, Protocol development and grant writing for funding acquisition, Research design and statistical analysis, Database development/registry development for program tracking and evaluation, Risk assessment and ethics review
eResearchTechnologyUSAClinical trial and healthcare solutions in centralized cardiac safety, respiratory service, suicidal risk assessment, and Clinical Outcome Assessments
ErgomedGermanyClinical development company providing consultancy and clinical trial-related services, post-marketing services such as Phase IV/observational studies, pharmacovigilance, and medical affairs.
Estern MedicalMA / USAClinical trial services in USA and Latin America:Trial Feasibility & Site Selection, Study Design & Data Management, Project Management & Planning, Regulatory & Ethics, Approval, Study Start-up, Study Monitoring, Medical & Report Writing, Training
Estudios Clínicos Latinoamérica (ECLA)ArgentinaAcademic research organization for the conduct of clinical trials in Latin America. Planning, coordination, and management of international multicenter clinical trials
Ethica ClinicalQC / CanadaClinical study management, ethics review, quality assurance and DSMB services to sponsors of clinical research worldwide
Excel LifesciencesMA / USA, IndiaClinical trial consulting services with feasability assessments, regulatory approvals and enrollment programs
ExodonNJ / USAEarly drug development services, global clinical trial site selection and patient recruitment, medical sales support
Factory-CRONetherlandsManagement of clinical studies for medical devices, IVD’s, biologicals, and drug-device combinations. Protocl study design, CE marketing and FDA submission, Post marketing Surveillance, Monitoring of Clinical Trials
FactumGermanyBiometrics and statistics, Post Marketing Surveillances, Medical Writing
FALCO Biosystems Japangenetic testing, clinical research and trials, research and development in clinical biochemistry, medical information technology, food sanitation and environmental health testing, and dispensing pharmacies
FAN GmbH GermanyPreclinical neuropharmacology and neurophysiology: Functional analysis of novel neuronal targets, Neuroprotection , Neurorepair, Neuropharmacology, Electrophysiology, and Cell Cultures
Farzan Clinical ResearchIranClinical research studies in Iran: Clinical Plan Development, Clinical Site Recruitment and Monitoring, Data Management, Biostatistics, Medical Writing
Fast-Track Drugs and BiologicsMD / USAClinical trial and regulatory support services with Clinical Trial Data Management, Analysis, and Reporting, Clinical Trial Design and Management , Regulatory Affairs Services and funding including preparation of contract proposals for government procurements/capital investors
FEFAMD / USAClinical Services: Protocol Development, Site Identification and Feasibility Studies, Identification and Recruitment of Qualified Study Sites and Investigators, Patient recruitment, Data Management, Project Management, Clinical Monitoring
FGK Clinical ResearchGermanyClinical development and consulting services: Clinical trial management and clinical monitoring, Pharmacovigilance, Data Management, Biostatistics, Regulatory affairs, QA, Medical writing
Firecrest ClinicalUSAOnline tools and software to combine information from the protocol, CRF, laboratory manuals, and other sources during clinical trials, web-based training modules for clinical trial participants
Fountain Medical Development China Clinical research services for pharmaceuticals and medical devices: Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development
FOVEA GroupFranceClinical research services with medical writing, auditing and monitoring of clinical studies
Fractals Clinical Research Mexico.mxClinical project management and monitoring, Regulatory affairs, Feasibility studies, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical and scientific writing, Medical affairs, Consultancy
FrontagePA / USAPreclinical Services with GLP toxicology studies, in vitro ADME , metabolism and identification, safety pharmacology, Bioanalytical Services including /MS/MS and GC/MS method development and validation, Biomarker assay development, PK/PD, CMC services and clinical services for Phase I-IIa with clinical research unit
GB PharmaItalyClinical research, Pharmacovigilance, Medical and scientific writing, QA, Training
Global Clinical TrialsNJ / USAClinical development services in Eastern Europe and Russia: Clinical project management and monitoring, Regulatory affairs, Feasibility studies, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical and scientific writing, Medical affairs, Consultancy
Gene LogicUSA / IndiaDrug discovery services including target identification, Gene Expression, Genotyping, BioBanking, Data Analysis for Preclinical R&D and Clinical Trial Support Programs.
GenexionSwitzerlandClinical study support services
GenScriptNJ / USAEarly drug discovery and development services that include Protein expression services, Bio-Reagent, Bio-Assay, Lead Optimization, and Antibody Drug Development
GleneaglesSingaporeConsulting/Regulatory affairs, Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics modelling & simulation, Bioavailability, bioequivalence, Pharmacogenomics, medical writing, QA
Global Drug Development ExpertsDC / USAClinical research consulting services
Global Research ServicesMD / USAProduct development planning, Market and clinical needs assessments, Portfolio analysis, Funding strategies and capital solution, Trial design and statistical modelling, Scientific/medical leadership, Regulatory advice and representation, Product labeling strategies, REMS guidance
Global Pharmatech IndiaContract manufacturer of liquid sterile injections and formulations in ampoules, vials and glass bottles for human and veterinary applications. These sterile ear and eye drops, vitamin formulations, antibiotics, anesthetics, anti-malarial and formulations for chemotherapy etc.
Graffinity Pharmaceutical Design GermanyDrug discovery services: Fragment based drug discovery and lead development of small molecule pharmaceuticals, chemical microarrays, fragment screening, SPR label-free imaging of protein-ligand interactions, computational chemistry and lead discovery
Grayline ResearchTX / USAClinical research facility for Phase II - IV clinical trials under FDA review.
Greatspur Clinical Development UKClinical trial services: Quality management, Clinical operations management, Project management and clinical development planning, Clinical trials management, Medical writing, Clinical systems & procedures development
GVK BiosciencesIndiaDrug discovery and clinical services with chemical synthesis, medicinal chemistry, In vitro biology, ADME, PK/PD, Safety Pharmacology, Formulation, API manufacturing, Clinical Pharmacology
HaInbalIsraelProject & Budget management, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Monitoring & Auditing, Project Data Management, Medical Writing, Regulatory Consulting in Clinical Research
Harrison Clinical / SynteractGermanyClinical study services with Project Management , Clinical Operations , Data Management IVRS/IWRS , Medical & Regulatory Affairs , Medical Writing , Biostatistics , Staffing , Training
Health DecisionsNC / USAConsulting from small trials to large multinational programs for drugs, biologics and medical devices
Healthcare Project Management Switzerland
Hegi Research CorpAB / CanadaClinical research consultancy: Clinical Site Management, Quality Monitoring, Project Management, Regulatory Document Management, Audits, SOP Development, CRF Development
Helix3 IncUSASpecializing in comet assay applications, GLP research services and new assay development
Hi Tech Bio Laboratories  IndiaContract research including fermentation, optimization of protein expression and contract manufacturing with chemical synthesis, API, probioticcs
Hill Top ResearchOH / USA Clinical trials and clinical trial services in Dermatology Rx and efficacy/safety studies for the personal healthcare industry
Hoosier Oncology GroupIN / USANon-profit medical oncology research organization. Key services include: Consult on study design, Statistics, Recruit sites and investigators, Clinical trial operations manual, Data collection, Data management
HungaroTrialHungaryClinical research services in Hungary for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies
Huntingdon Life Sciences UKNon-clinical developmental services including First-in-man and Candidate profiling for pharmaceuticals and biologics. Development services to crop protection and agrochemical companies
Hurley Consulting?Clinical consulting services, Strategy, Regulatory Affairs, Study Design Data Management and CDISC Dataset Preparation & Validation,Statistical Analysis, Quality Assurance, Legacy Project Evaluation and File Organization, Pharmacovigilance, Electronic Compilation & Submission
Hylae Clinical ResearchSwedenClinical research services in Scandinavia: Study design, protocol development, data management, Medical writing
Hyperion BiotechnologyTX / USABiomedical Research and Support
ICON ClinicalIrelanddevelopment services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Strategic development, management and analysis of programs that support Clinical Development - from compound selection to Phase I-IV clinical studies
ICRC-WeyerGermanydata management, monitoring and medical review services for all stages of the clinical development process. Medical Devices, Nutraceuticals, drugs for oncology, CNS, Cardiovascular and diseases of the Immune System
ICTSNC / USAPatient recruitment for Clinical trials
iGATE Clinical Research International  India
Imperial Clinical Research ServicesUSAClinical trial support with patient recruitment services, translation management and patient material production, fulfillment, and global distribution
InamedGermanyParticular expertise in the area of respiratory and inhalation medicine. Services includes clinical Phase I and IIa trials, design and evaluations of clinical Phase II, III, IV trials, in-vitro characterization of devices and drugs, QA, Auditing, Medical Writing and Consulting
INC ResearchUSAClinical Trials Services to Support Global Phase I - Phase IV Studies. Particular areas of expertise: Cardiovascular, CNS, Endocrinology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Pain, Pediatrics, Psycology
InCROMChinaClinical research services for Phase I-IV trials: project management, clinical and medical monitoring, data management, biostatistics, report writing and QA
Info Kinetics Sdn Bhd  MalaysiaClinical and analytical services: pharmacokinetics, Phase 1 / Bioequivalence, animal pharmacology research, DMPK and Toxocikinetics
Ingenix Pharmaceutical Services  USA
Innovative Clinical Concepts IN / USAClinical trial services with investigator site selection, Investigator and staff training, Investigator site initiation, Patient/subject recruitment, Budget management, Data management, Study drug management, Site monitoring, Study closeout, Regulatory readiness, Project management, Quality assurance
InnoventzCA / USAClinical software handling protocol analysis, study builds, data management, and monitoring
InsearchFL / USAClinical Business Development to support clinical research for out-patient Phase I – Phase IV studies with feasibility and site selection process
Namsa / Integra GroupMN / USARegulatory, laboratory, clinical, and compliance services to medical device and healthcare product manufacturers. R&D support, non-clinical testing, clinical research, post-marketing support
Integrated Clinical Research TX / USAConducts Phase I through IV pharmaceutical and medical device research focused on retina and vitreous conditions including Adult Macular Degeneration, Retina Vein Occlusions, Macular Edema, and Uveitis
IntegriumCA / USAFocused on the therapeutic areas of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, and dermatology. Services include Program Planning and Feasibility, Study Design and Protocol Development, Study Start-Up Services , Project Management, Site Monitoring, Drug Safety and Medical Monitoring, , Data Management Biostatistics and Statistical Programming, Medical Writing
Intermountain Clinical ResearchUT / USAClinical research studies
International Clinical Trials AssociationFrance / GermanyClinical research support with clinical R&D, epidemiology, pharmaco-economics and management of early access programs
International Drug Development Institute BelgiumClinical research support with Trial Design, Biostatistical Analyses, Interim Analyses, IDMC's, Biomarkers Validation, Medical Writing, Central Randomization for clinical trials and Data Management
International HealthCare CT / USAClinical services with Project Management, Site Maintenance / Monitoring, Data Management, Biostatistics, Regulatory Affairs, Safety and Training
Intertek ASG UKGLP, GCP and cGMP analytical services for the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals (in particular recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, oligonucleotides) vaccines, agrichemicals, personal care products, medical devices and fine and specialty chemicals. Auditing and Consultancy
Intox Lab NetherlandsToxicological services with general toxicity, reproductive toxicity, genetic toxicity, Envirnomental Toxicity in various animal model systems. Chemistry services with physical/chemical studies, impurity test, and kinetics
IntrexTestNY / USAPreclinical and Bioanalytical services including formulation development, ADME/DMPK, Toxicology, Microbiology testing, medical device testing, and clinical research with First in Human, Pharmacovigilance, Data Management, medical Writing and Regulatory Affairs
IntrialsBrazilClinical research in Latin America with Protocol and CRF Design, Study Center Selection and Qualification, Import, Storage and Distribution, Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance, Data Management and Biostatistics, Project Management, Clinical Monitoring, Pharmacovigilance
Intrinsic Imaging TX / USAImaging services for clinical trials. Digital and Conventional Radiography, CT with special expertise in multislice imaging MRI, MRA, DCMRI, Nuclear Medicine including: MUGA, SPECT, PET, PET-CT, Ultrasound including Echocardiography DEXA, Minimally Invasive Image Guided Surgical Techniques
InVentiv ClinicalNJ / USAClinical research services for Phase I to Phase IV including bioanalytical tests. Specific areas of expertise: Cardiovascular, Infectious Diseases, Neurodiseases, Oncology, Pain
Iris PharmaFranceServices for the drug development process in ophthalmology: Consulting & communication, Preclinical studies, Clinical trials, Bioanalytical testing services
IRW ConsultingSwedenClinical Trial Management, Data Management, Biostatistics and Pharmacovigilance services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies
ISTGermanyPhase II–IV clinical studies, Post-marketing observations, Investigator-Initiated Trials (IITs), Medical writing, Pharmacovigilance, Study monitoring, Data management, Statistics, Project Management, Documentation and presentation media, Auditing
Jai Research FoundationIndiaNon-profit, scientific foundation providing services to agrochemical, industrial and pharmaceutical companies. Toxicology & Pharma Services, Ecotoxicology Chemistry, Environmental Fate & Metabolism, Bio-analytical, Pesticide Analysis, Regulatory Affairs
JANIXCA / USAClinical Project Management, Clinical Study Management, Clinical Site Monitoring, Patient Recruitment & Retention, Electronic Data Management, BioStatistics & SAS Programming, Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Meeting Planning (Investigator, KOL, Advisory Board, etc..), Wet Lab Set-Up and MD/Tech Training, Ophthalmology Tailored Services
JasperUSAClinical research development services
Java ClinicalIrelandClinical trial management services, product development, strategic planning and strategic consulting
JSS Medical ResearchQC / Canada
JSW Life SciencesCroatia
Julius Clinical ResearchNetherlands
KAI Research USA
Kasa ConsultBelgium
Kemwell PharmaIndia
Key Oncologics South Africa
KGK SynergizeON / Canada
Kinesis Pharma Netherlands
Klifovet Germany
Klinar CROTurkey
KPS Clinical ServicesIndia
Kansai Research InstituteJapan
Kriger Research Group International USA
Kronos LaboratoryAZ / USA
Kseron LLCMN / USA
Labnetworx  India
Lambda Therapeutic Research LimitedIndia
LatAm Clinical TrialsPanama
LaxaiFL / USA
LBBM Biomedical ResearchArgentina
LCG BioscienceUK
Libra MedicalMN / USA
Lifetree Clinical ResearchUT / USA
Linical Japan
Lotus Clinical Research India
Lowden InternationalUK
LSK Global PSSouth Korea
LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme Germany
Maestro ClinicalUSA
Maghreb Clinical Research (MCR)Morocco
MakroCareNJ / USA
Marin Biologic LaboratoriesUSA
Max NeemanIndia
Maya ClinicalsCA / USA
MB QuestRussia
MD BiosciencesMN / USA
MedelisNV / USA
MedFocusIL / USA
Medicines Evaluation Unit  UK
Medico Chemical LabDenmark
MediCroStarSouth Korea
Medidata SolutionsUSA
Mediolanum Cardio Resesarch Italy
Mediprobe Research IncON / Canada
MedPaceOH / USA
MedSourceTX / USA
MedTrialsTX / USA
MegaMed Clinical ResearchCanada
MEK ConsultingGreece
Mene ResearchTurkey
Metrics ResearchPakistan
Metropolis Health Services   India
Mexican Institute of Clinical Research Mexico
MicroConstants CA / USA
Midian ClinicalUK
MMS HoldingsMI / USA
Molecule CROJordan
Moncoa Medical ResearchCanada
Monipol Poland
Monitor Medical Research and Consulting Turkey
Monitoring ForceFL / USA
MPI ResearchMI / USA
MTZ Clinical ResearchPoland
Nagy ResearchEgypt
NaviGo ResearchMN / USA
NB ScienceUkraine
NCGS LabratoriesSC / USA
Norwich Clinical Research AssociatesUSA
NDA Regulatory Science UK
Neox Clinical ResearchCzech
Neuroinvestigations, Inc  Canada
New Brunswick Scientific USA
Next Generation ClinicalWI / USA
Nextar Chempharma SolutionsIsraelDrug discovery services with chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical R&D, formulation development, clinical GMP manufacturing and GLP analytical services
Nexus OncologyON / CanadaClinical research services with specific focus on oncology
NoblewellPolandClinical services for development of drugs
North Carolina Clinical Research NC / USAA multi-therapeutic outpatient clinical research site located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Conduction of Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials in both children and adults
Northern California ResearchCA / USAPatient recruitment and clinical trial study center
NorthWise ServicesUKData management, statistics and medical writing for clinical studies
Norwich Clinical Research Associates  USAClinical research studies: Project management, Monitoring, Regulatory affairs, Outsourcing of staff, Clinical development plans, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical writing, Auditing
NovascoFranceClinical research Project management, Monitoring, Regulatory affairs, Clinical development plans, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical writing
NovatiaNJ / USAAnalytical services for drug discovery/drug development for both small molecules and biomolecules: Accurate mass LC/MS and LC/MS/MS and capillary NMR, metabolite identification, impurities and degradants
Novella Clinical / QuintillesNC / USAClinical project management, Monitoring of phase I-IV studies, Regulatory affairs, Outsourcing of staff, Clinical development plans, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical writing, Training. Oncology, medical devices and biopharmaceuticals
November Research GroupCA / USAfocus on drug safety and pharmacovigilance services. Software solutions
NovotechAustraliaClinical project management, Monitoring of clinical trials, Regulatory affairs, Clinical development plans, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical writing, Testing of Generics, Audits
Novum Pharmaceutical Research ServicesPA / USAClinical project management, Monitoring of phase I-IV studies, Regulatory affairs, Outsourcing of staff, Clinical development plans, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical writing, Training
Novum Pharmaceutical Research Services  USAClinical research studies: Project management, Monitoring, Regulatory affairs, Outsourcing of staff, Clinical development plans, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical writing, Training
Nuvisan Pharma ServicesGermanyClinical trial study center
Ocimum Biosolutions  IndiaGLP-compliant microarray services, genomic reference databases, life science lab information management solutions and essential research consumables. Drug discovery and molecular biological services for DNA, RNA and protein analysis and manipulation
OckhamNC / USAOncology clinical trial services
Outsourcing Clinical TrialsRussiaRegulatory Affairs, Clinical Plan Development, Clinical Site Recruitment and Monitoring, Data Management, Biostatistics, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance, Project Management
Octagon / AccenturaPA / USA
ONCO TherapeuticsCA / USAlaboratory research and Clinical drug development with Trial Design, Project and Operational Management, Patient Recruitment, GCP Auditing, Medical Writing, Quality Control, Data Analysis, Regulatory Submissions. Specific focus on oncology
OnQ ConsultingSouth AfricaClinical services in South Africa: Protocol writing, Site identification and selection, Regulatory and ethics authority submissions, CRF design, Monitoring services, QA, Medical Writing, Good Clinical Practice Courses
Operatrix ConsultingON / Canada
On Pharmaceutical Industry ServiceItaly
Ora ClinicalMA / USA
Orange LifesciencesIndia
Orbis Data SolutionsMA / USA
Orion Clinical ServicesUK
Osaiway ResearchIndia
OSMOS Clinical Research, IncCA / USA
OutcomeMA / USA
P3 ResearchNew Zealand
Pacific BioLabsCA / USA
Pacific BiomarkersUSA
Pacific Bridge MedicalMD / USA
Palm Beach CROFL / USA
Paradigm ClinicalCA / USA
Paragon BiomedicalCA / USA
PaxMedCA / USA
Pharmaceutical Development ServicesUK
Peachtree BioResearch SolutionsGA / USA
Perceptive Informatics, Inc  USA
Peruvian Clinical ResearchPeru
Pharma FocusSwitzerland
Pharma Medica ResearchON / Canada
Pharmaceutical AdvisorsNJ / USA
Pharmacosmos CRODenmark
Pharmatech Oncology CO / USA
Pharmatek LaboratoriesUSA
PharmaTrials, IncUSA
Pharm-Olam InternationalTX / USA
PharSafer AssociatesUK
Pharsight Corporation  USA
Phaze SAGreece
PHDS Healthcare ResearchChina
Phidea Italy
PHT CorporationUSA
PhysiogenixWI / USA
Pinnacle Research GroupUSA
Pipeline BiotechDenmark
Pleiad DevicesMA / USA
Protech Pharmaservices Taiwan
PRA InternationalNC / USA
PraxisTN / USA
Prelude DynamicsTX / USA
Premas Biotech Pvt, Ltd  India
Premier Research  UK
PrimeVigilance UK
Prisma CROGermany
ProCitius Research  India
Profil ResearchGermany
Progressive Life Sciences CA / USA
Prohealth Clinical ResearchCanada
Prologue Research InternationalOH / USA
Promedica InternationalUSA
PROMetrikaMA / USA
ProTrialsCA / USA
Providence Clinical ResearchCA / USA
Purcell ON / Canada
P-Value MedicalSpain
QED Clinical ServicesUK
QPS Bio-KineticUSA
Quality AssistanceBelgium
Quantum Clinical Research Australia
Quantum Ltd.India
Quantum Solutions IndiaIndia
QuartesianNJ / USA
Quest Diagnostics, Inc  USA
Quetzal Cliical ResearchIndia
Quorom ReviewWA / USA
Radiant ResearchUSA
RCC Laboratories India
Recerca ClinicaSpain
Regulatory Clinical Research InstituteUSA
Rejuvendus Clinical ResearchIndia
Reliance Clinical Research Services India
Rephartox Netherlands
Research & Development RA SA Argentina
Research AssistNJ / USA
Research DynamicsUSA
ReSearch Pharmaceutical Services PA / USA
ResearchPointTX / USA
ReSolution Latin AmericaArgentinaClinical research consultancy services in Latin America, Clinical Management services, outsourcing Services, QA
Richmond PharmacologyUK
Roxaane Research LimitedIndia
RTI Health SolutionsNC / USA
RxcelPartnersPA / USA
Sai Advantium India
Sanmar Speciality Chemicals India
Sarah Cannon Research Institute TN / USA
Schiff & Co.?
SciAnON / Canada
Scidre Egypt
Scimega Research Canada
Scope International AGGermany
Selcia LimitedUK
Sequent DevelopmentVA / USA
Sermon CROCroatia
SGS LifesciencesUSA
Shandon Clinical TrialsIreland
Shin Nippon Biomedical LaboratoriesJapanBioanalysis and pre-clinical and clinical services. Determination of pharmacokinetic (PK)/toxicokinetic (TK) parameters. Toxicology, immunotoxicology, Safety and Efficacy and Phase I-IV clinical services
Siesta GroupAustriaService provider for clinical trials and research center for analysing sleep and brain activity. Consulting, Site Indentification and Training.
Simbec ResearchUKClinical services with 505(b)(2)-Generic Hybrid, Data Management, Project Management, Regulatory Affairs, Bioanalytical Services, Quality Assurance, Statistical Services
Sinclair ResearchMO / USAPreclinical research services with surgical services, device and test article efficacy assessment, safety pharmacology, general toxicology, and specialized toxicology
Siro ClinpharmIndiaClinical research services with Pharmacovigilance, Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development
SLG (China-CRO)ChinaClinical services with Product Registration in China including pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, health food, cosmetics, and medical devices, Site and Investigator Selection, Patient Recruitment, Project Planning and Management, Clinical Monitoring Services, Data Management, Statistics
Smerud Medical ResearchSwedenClinical project management, Monitoring of phase I-IV studies, Regulatory affairs, Outsourcing of staff, Clinical development plans, Data management, Biostatistics, Medical writing, Training
SMO-USAUSAClinical research services with Project Management, Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs, Site Management, Data Management & Statistics, Quality Assurance, Training and Development
SMP Clinical DevelopmentRomaniaSite identification, evaluation, selection and initiation,drug import and distribution, bioequivalence studies and clinical trials phase II – IV, Audit and Quality Control of investigator centers
SMS OncologyNetherlandsInitiation and completion of oncology clinical trials, strategic oncology drug development planning and consulting, trainings and workshops in oncology and clinical development
SNBL USA USABioanalysis, Preclinical and Clinical Services including determinations of Drug/metabolite concentrations in preclinical and clinical study samples, pharmacokinetic (PK)/toxicokinetic (TK) parameters, Toxicology, Immunotoxicology, Developmental & Reproductive Toxicology, Carcinogenicity Testing
SnowledgeCT / USADrug safety, regulatory affairs and related IT services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies
SOCAR ResearchSwitzerlandServices for the design, management and conduct of phase I to phase IV clinical trials, Regulatory Affairs, Project Management, Data Management, Endpoint Adjudic, Monitoring, Pharmacovigilance, Biostatistics, Medical Writing, Randomisation
Solvias  SwitzerlandChemical and analytical development and services includingChemical Development & GMP Manufacturing, Lead finding through HTS screening, Polymorphism, Salts & Crystallization, catalytic process development, Process Analytical Technology, Patent and Search Services
Source BioScienceUKScreening and reference laboratory diagnostic testing for cancer and other diseases, predictive testing for treatment optimisation for clinicians and patients, Sanger sequencing, Next Generation sequencing, bioinformatic analyses, development and validation of biomarkers
Spaulding ClinicalUSAClinical research and development of medical devices
Spectrum Clinical ResearchIndiaServices for Pre Study, Study Management and Post Study Services for Phase I, II, III and IV Global Trials with a focus on India and including feasibility Analysis, Pre-site Selection Visits, GCP & Regulatory affairs training, Clinical Study Protocols & Synopsis, IRB and EC submissions , patient enrolment and recruitment
Spectrum Regulatory SolutionsUKRegulatory, Safety & Vigilance, Market Access, Medical Writing, QA & Compliance services within Pharmaceuticals, Biologics, Biosimilars, OTC Medicines, Devices, Herbals, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics
SPRI Clinical TrialsNY / USAClinical trial design and management, Feasibility & site selection, Regulatory management, Clinical site management & monitoring, Biostatistics and Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Medical writing
SPRI UkraineUkraineResearch services for clinical trials in Ukraine and Russia, Monitoring Clinical Trials, Clinical trials regulatory support, Finance Management of Clinical Trials, Insurance policies, Logistical Support of Clinical Trials, Feasibility studies and site selection
Smithers ViscientMA / USAEnvironmental and consumer safety contract research and regulatory services for the crop protection, pharmaceutical, industrial chemical, and the consumer product industries. Ecotoxicology, Toxicology Services, Chemistry, Fate & Metabolism, Risk Assessment
Squarepoint-Pointcarre BelgiumConsultancy within biostatistics, Datamanagement, Medical writing, Pharmacokinetic analysis, Project management
SRAUSASystems engineering, Development and implementation of commercially available software applications, Strategic consulting, information assurance, contingency planning, infrastructure management
Sristek Consulting IndiaClinical research services, clinical trial services, clinical data management, biostatistics and SAS programming, medical affairs, pharmacovigilance
STAT ResearchArgentinaClinical support Services for study start-up, study management, site monitoring, quality assurance, regulatory affairs
Statking ConsultingOH / USAClinical services for Phase I-IV studies for drugs and biologics, Trials for Medical Devices (510K and PMA), Nutraceutical Studies, Biostatistics, Clinical Data Management, Clinical Study Monitoring, Medical Writing, Safety Reporting, Clinical Project Management, Clinical Trial Management
StatWorksNC / USAClinical services to the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries, biostatistics consulting, data management, pharmacovigilance, post-marketing studies
STI PharmaPA / USADevelops and acquires generic and proprietary pharmaceutical products
Stiris ResearchON / CanadaClinical study management including Site Identification, Clinical Monitoring, Protocol Development, CRF Development, Data Management, Biostatistics, Electronic Data Capture, Medical Writing, Medical Monitoring, Quality Audits, Risk Management, Regulatory Advising
Strategic Regularoty Consulting OH / USADrug & Medical Device Regulatory Consulting, Preclinical Safety and Toxicological Risk Assessment, Clinical Trial Support, Drug & Medical Device Manufacturing Consulting, OSHA & EPA Compliance, Medical Writing & Regulatory Submissions to FDA
Strides Arcolabs Limited IndiaDevelopment and manufacture of IP-led niche products, particularly sterile injectables. Generic pharmaceutical products
Study HallMA / USAClinical research support and service to the drug and medical device development including clinical Site Management and Monitoring Services, Site Identification & Qualification, Project Management, Investigator recruitment, Clinical Trial Rescue Management, Training
Sylvana Research AssociatesTX / USAConducting research on investigational medications for indications such as allergies, asthma, hypertension and psoriasis. Contracted by the Pharmaceutical Industry to help gain FDA approval for the medication
SymbioNY / USAClinical trial management services, product development, strategic planning, topical formulation services and strategic consulting
SymbionTN / USAOperator of short stay surgical facilities in the U.S.A with Recruiting and retaining surgeons and other physicians
SyMetric SciencesQC / CanadaSoftware development and services for Clinical Data Management Plan, Database Design, Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Query Management, Dictionary Services, Quality Control, Serious Adverse Event Reconciliation, data listing
Symphony Pharma Life SciencesIndiaChemistry and scale up support from preclinical stage to commercialization. Medicinal chemistry API development, Analytical development, Impurities/ Reference standards and validations, development of chemical Libraries/Analogues
SynarcCA / USAImaging laboratory services for clinical studies within Orthopedics, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Medical Devices, Infectious Diseases (HIV)
SynchronIndiaClinical registration of new pharmaceutical products and medical devices, from phase I to phase IV, including Bioequivalence, Bioavailability, Pharmacokinetic/ Pharmacodynamic studies, Statistical Analysis, Data Management
SynexusUKRecruitment and running of clinical trials across phases II - IV for pharma, biotech and CROs
Synergy Research GroupRussiaClinical trial services with study start-up activities, clinical monitoring, site management, project management, safety reporting, handling of clinical trial materials within Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, Neurology, Oncology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology, and Vaccines
SynteractUSAClinical services, Project Management, Clinical Operations, Data Management, IVRS/IWRS, Medical & Regulatory Affairs, Medical Writing, Biostatistics, Staffing, Training
SyreonBC / CanadaClinical Research Services, study design, project management, site management, investigator training, data management, study monitoring, on-line analysis and reporting
Sysdata ConsultingNY / USAStatistical analysis for preclinical, Phase I, II, III and IV studies including Study design and protocol development, Sample size and power calculation, Statistical Analysis Plan, Statistical programming, Integrated Summary of Safety and Effectiveness Dataset, Statistical consulting
TAKE SolutionsNJ / USASoftware and services for Clinical Data Management , data Standardization, Biostatistics & SAS Programming, Clinical Information Systems, Regulatory Submissions and Report Publishing, Pharmacovigilance Strategy, Commercialization with marketing and sales, Business Intelligence Consulting
TargetHealthNY / USARegulatory Affairs, Clinical Research Management, Medical Writing, Biostatistics, Data Management, Electronic Data Capture, Quality Assurance, Strategic Planning, Drug Development, Device Development, Toxicology
TCG Lifesciences IndiaTCG/Chembiotek: Chemistry and pre-clinical drug discovery: Medicinal chemistry synthesis, CGMP Kilo Scale Synthesis, DMPK, Structure based drug design, In Vivo/In vitro pharmacology, Safety and Toxucology, Electrophysiology, Biologics
TGA Sciences, Inc  MA / USALaboratory services in support of basic research and development and clinical studies: In Vivo Animal Studies, Bioassay, Immunoassays, Immunological Testing, Imaging services
The Clinical Trial Company UKClinical trial services: Strategic Development, Project Management, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Writing & Reporting, Biometrics. Areas of special expertise: Gene therapy, cardiology, haematology, dermatology, CNS, Vaccines, Respiratory, Urology, Oncology
The CRO GroupMA / USACE Marking and Quality System / ISO 13485/CMDCAS certification and registration programs, and FDA QSr (Quality System regulation) compliance programs, including Design Control Requirements. Submissions including 510(k)s, 513(g)s, technical files, PMAs, design dossiers, Canadian license applications, clinical study protocols, and IDEs
The Patient Recruiting AgencyTX / USAPatient recruitment for clinical trials. production and placement of customized direct-to-patient advertising and technological solutions to support Sponsors, CROs, SMOs and Investigator
TheradexNJ / USAClinical research and development of pharmaceutical compounds, medical devices and diagnostic tests in the areas of oncology and life-threatening diseases
Therapeutics, Inc.CA / USASpecial area of experise: dermatology-related areas of medicine. Services for development of new products from proof-of-concept through clinical development with regulatory review and approval
Tigermed ConsultingChinaClinical Trials planning, management and implementation, Data Management, Biostatistics, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Translation, Medical Device Development Medical Affairs & Pharmacovigilance
TKL ResearchUSA Clinical trial management services for Phase 1-4 clinical research studies, including an inpatient Phase 1 facility and outpatient specialized research clinics.
TMS BiosceincesLA / USATherapeutic Drug Monitoring for transplant patients. Analytical services
TransCom GlobalIsraelClinical Trial Translation, Medical Translation, Linguistic Validation
Trial Form Support SwedenPhases 0, I and IIa, II, III, and IV clinical trials. Areas of expertise: pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, diagnostic, generics and functional food companies
Trial Management GroupCanadaClinical trials: Study Design, Site Selection, Project Management, Monitoring, Medical Writing (protocol, clinical trial report, manuscript for peer-reviewed journal), Patient Recruitment Support, Vendor Procurement, QA
Trialog Clinical Trials IsraelClinical trial logistical services in Israel
TricliniumSouth AfricaClinical trial services in sub-Saharan Africa: Regulatory applications for clinical trials, Project set-up (including feasibilities, site assessments, investigator meetings) Project & site management, Data monitoring, QA, Medical and Safety Monitoring, Biostatistics, Medical writing
Trident Clinical ResearchAustraliaClinical development from Phase I to Phase IV in Australia, New Zealand and India
Triesta ScienceIndiaDiagnostic services
Rutghers Clinical Research NJ / USAClinical research at Ruthgers
UniMRBulgariaClinical research services in Bulgaria: Regulatory affairs, Feasibility, Clinical Monitoring, Project Management, Drug handling
Unison Clinical Research OH / USAIdentification of physicians for clinical research. linking site sponsors with appropriate physicians through in-house databases
US OncologyTX / USANetworks of integrated, community-based oncology practices in the US
VCROTaiwanClinical trial planning. Pre-IND and IND consultations, Planning and mangement of clinical trials, regulatory submission
Vedic LifesciencesIndiaService for nutraceutical, food, drug or device research: formulation development, animal studies, human volunteer studies and regulatory submissions
Veeda Clinical Research IndiaServices in phase I and IIa clinical research, Special areas of expertise: Cardiovascular Studies, Respiratory Studies, Diabetes, Bioavailability and Bioequivalence, CNS Research, Renal
Venn Life SciencesIrelandClinical trial services: Protocol Development, Investigator Qualification & Site Selection, Clinical Monitoring of Phases I – IV, Site management, Patient recruitment, Data management with Biostatistics, Medical writing, Pharmacovigilance
VeristatMA / USAClinical study services: Strategic Consulting, Biostatistics, Statistical Programming, CDISC Implementations, Data Management, Medical Writing, Clinical Monitoring, Project Management, Regulatory Submissions
Vibgyor Scientific Research Indiaclinical research services for Phase II-IV clinical trials and Post Marketing Registry trials to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies
Vimta Labs Limited  Indiasupports regulatory authorities in certification of food and agricultural products exported from India. VIMTA Assists the food industry commissions for nutritional labelling, food safety evaluations, trace analysis and shelf life studies
Vivo Bio Tech Indiaservices in the areas of In vitro, In vivo, toxicity studies, pharmacological investigations, pharmacokinetics & toxicokinetic studies
Washington BiotechnologyMD / USAServices for efficacy and toxicity testing. Preclinical In Vivo Efficacy Testing of compounds in disease models including inflammatory diseases, cancer and bacterial infection, Vaccine testing services including vaccine efficacy testing in disease model studies such as arthritis, Bacterial efficacy studies in mice and rats to determine antibiotic efficacy, Pharmacokinetics
Watermark Research PartnersIN / USAClinical trial safety, post-market safety and clinical communications
West Coast Clinical TrialsCA / USAClinical Solutions for Phase I-IV inpatient and outpatient services. Patient recruitment. Areas of expertise: Cardiovascular, CNS, Infectious diseases, Pediatrics, respiratory
WestatMD / USAResearch designed to improve the lives of veterans. Clinical trials, study design and analysis
Winicker NorimedGermanyPlanning and managing of clinical studies, Medical Writing, Data Management, Biostatistics, Monitoring, Pharmacovigilance, Audits, Training
Worldwide Clinical Trials PA / USAServices for clinical studies including clinical trial design and management. Special areas of expertise: CNS, Cardiovascular and pulmonary, Metabolic diseases, Virology, Oncology, Narcotic analgesics, Biomarkers
WuXi AppTecChinaDrug Discovery Services, API Development and Manufacturing (STA), Drug Development Services, Biologics Services, Medical Device Services, Chemistry, toxicology, bioanalytical and clinical and regulatory
XceleronUKHuman microdose and microtracer techniques using MS to investigate the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of developmental drugs in Phase 0, Phase I, and Phase II/III clinical trials
XendoNetherlandsConsultancey and project management, Bioprocessing ,Regulatory affairs, Compliance & Validation, Engineering & Technical support
XenoBiotic LaboratoriesNJ / USAPre-clinical research services: Non-Clinical ADME, Bioanalytical, Biologics, Agrochemical, Animal Health
Xenotech KS / USAin vitro drug metabolism and drug-drug interaction studies to evaluate drug candidates as substrates, inhibitors and inducers of drug-metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters: CYP Enzyme Inhibition, UGT Enzyme Inhibition, Metabolite ID / Characterization, Reaction Phenotyping, Species Comparison, Metabolic Stability, Covalent Binding, Protein Binding
Zein CROGreeceClinical trial services to the drug development industry and post-marketing safety and efficacy studies, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance including risk management plans
ZM CompanyON / CanadaMedical Monitoring, Clinical Monitoring, SAE Management, Medical Data Review & Coding services, Medical Writing, Clinical Trials Conduct Consulting and Training
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